About Dr. Lowe

Dr. Dorothy Lowe is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. Since 2006 she has been in practice in Beverly Hills where she is highly sought-after among patients. As a Doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Lowe provides individualized care for adult patients with a very wide range of health issues.

After finishing undergraduate studies at Cornell University, Dr. Lowe earned her medical degree at The University of Maryland School of Medicine. In 2005, she finished her residency at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Subsequently, she was selected to complete an additional year as Chief Resident in which she provided leadership and support to the medical residents.

Since establishing her practice, she has been recognized by her colleagues, staff, and patients for her knowledge, empathy, and special focus she provides to each patient she works with.

Dr. Lowe treasures the long-term relationships that form with her patients, and she always works to ensure that everyone who walks into her office receives thorough individualized care. By maintaining an office with a professional and welcoming environment, each patient is given the high level of attention that they deserve.

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